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First visit $500 cost, parts replaced band work done by Chris K., thought problem was corrected. Today' s visit problem was solved by having the rail hammered straight, because door continued coming off hinge. This should have been done in the beginning, I feel we were taken advantage of in the first visit.
Gloria Ebert
A Response from: Clark Wolfsberger

Hello Mrs. Ebert, Thank you for your review and information and I am sorry that we came up short. I did some followup and you were correct. The first tech replaced your rollers, along with other items, and to do so he needed to bend and open up the track to allow them in. It seems that he forgot to bent the track back on one side and thus allowing the rollers to slip out and the door coming off the hinge. I total miss on our part. I see that we sent another tech out and he discover the problem and fixed it. We did not charge you for that return visit, as we should not, and now I hope all is fixed. We have alerted the first tech to his mistake and believe he will be more careful next time. We deeply apologize for your inconvenience and truly appreciate your patience in the matter.

Service Provided:
Garage Door Repair

If you want to do business with Precision Garage Door, be ready for two things: 1) Technicians who will tell you additional remote openers can only be purchased from them for $55 -- in truth, they are readily available at Home Depot/Lowe's for around $34. 2) A roughly 100% markup on a garage door opener. The unit I purchased was a Liftmaster 8355 -- $420. Readily available on sites such as Amazon for roughly half that cost. I understand markups; I understand a company needing to make profits; however, I don't put up with lies and I think a 100% markup is a bit excessive. This was my experience. I hope yours was better.
Hans Smith
Service Provided:
Garage Door Opener Install
Garage Door Opener