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If you are thinking of getting a garage door installed be forewarned not to put LED bulbs in the opener. Apparently they are not compatible with the openers and will "burn out" the electronics. Our door is only a year and a half old and the fix was $215. Wish someone would have forewarned us about the bulbs and about the cost of the repair. Prior to this, my review would have been much higher. I love the door and was happy with the install process.
A Response from: Clark Wolfsberger

Hello Mr. Smith, I am sorry that you had a problem with using a LED bulb in your opener. We do instruct our techs to alert customers not to replace burned out factory bulbs with LED bulbs. There is a warning in the owner's manual and we are asking the manufacturer to work on a way to better let the customer. With the invent on the LED bulb, we are addressing this issue. I am glad that you were happy with the door and the install. Thank you.

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Garage Door Opener Repair
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If you want to do business with Precision Garage Door, be ready for two things: 1) Technicians who will tell you additional remote openers can only be purchased from them for $55 -- in truth, they are readily available at Home Depot/Lowe's for around $34. 2) A roughly 100% markup on a garage door opener. The unit I purchased was a Liftmaster 8355 -- $420. Readily available on sites such as Amazon for roughly half that cost. I understand markups; I understand a company needing to make profits; however, I don't put up with lies and I think a 100% markup is a bit excessive. This was my experience. I hope yours was better.
Hans Smith
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Garage Door Opener Install
Garage Door Opener
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